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Commercial and Industrial Opportunities


Inspired by the simplicity of the African people, combined with its inventive spirit and enormous capacity for imagination, ACIDCA is betting on Africa as it believes it is a continent with some of the best investment opportunities, especially in the North, in addition to the strategic geographical position as a link  between Europe and the Middle East. Heart and reason hand in hand on behalf of a project aimed at fostering economic, social and cultural development in Africa.

ACIDCA considers that much of its intervention consists in highlighting the culture of each country and the talent of its people, conditions necessary to attract the interest of investors.


The talent of the African people is expressed in several areas where experience is mixed with innovation, both of which have been stimulated by the need to create solutions to existing challenges. The potential of this continent lies in human capital, and it is essential to bet on the education and health axes since healthy and well-educated people generate more development.

The progress of this continent is significant and the existing opportunities can catapult these countries towards real economic development, based on the capacities and competences of this people.

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Plastic Arts
Music & Dancing
Cosmetics & Perfumery
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