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A free space for all African artists to exhibit their works



It is a virtual gallery that ACIDCA provides to all African artists to present their creativity to the world.


Painting, sculpture, photography as well as other artistic manifestations take place in this site.


Each artist will be entitled to 1 month of stay. We wish you all a great visit.



Noureddine Boumaaza

Born in Jerada, Morocco, in 1977, he works and resides in Tetouan. Artist and professor of visual arts, he is passionate with painting that plays with extreme talent, without losing sight of innovation and the search for new identities and visions in perfect balance. Noureddine explores emotions through the image of femininity: the image of the mother, of the sister and that of the lover, in an intimate environment. The artist confronts us with works endowed with a strong presence reinforced by the power of colors and vibrant lines. He incessantly pursues the details of the body in his research, seeking to transcribe all the contortions and physiognomical expressions produced by the temperaments of human nature.  Renowned for his enormous talent, Noureddine is an artist one ought not overlook.

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Luis Cohen Fuse

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1944, in a family of European roots, from an early age he expressed interest in the design. He studied ceramics and plastic arts at the Escola de Belas Artes in Mar del Plata and in 1973 graduated in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires. During his studies he collaborated as a designer of costumes and set design for several theater and dance companies. His graduation trip to Europe led him to live in Barcelona, where he devoted himself body and soul to artistic work, adopting dual Argentine-Spanish nationality in 1976. Already in the 80's he installed his atelier in Madrid and after a trip to Portugal, in 1982, he fell in love with the light and colors of Estoril where he decided to reside permanently. He never hid his admiration for the East, which is evident in his works on a constant basis. He has always been a multifaceted artist, with a vast tile work, fresco mural, jewelry design and sculpture, spread all over the world. He died in Estoril on 4 July 2019.

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