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In the words of our President:


 "Looking at the history of Portugal and the experience of the Portuguese over the years, we observe a people thirsting to discover, an entrepreneurial people, a brave people who out of nowhere do an all and that of everything takes nothing. People who respect their neighbour, a people who want to make them live, grow, develop. A people who mix, share, live and make lives.


When we prepare to develop and implement in ACIDCA the area of Human Capital, we take in consideration:

- the reflection expressed about Portugal and, in particular, with regard to this area, the capacity of higher education institutions to welcome International Students -- by teaching an education of excellence and, at the same time, to create training offers appropriate to the needs of our societies, promoters of human capital training and conducive to the development of institutions;

- the awareness that on the African continent there are hundreds of young people, full of talent, waiting for an opportunity to develop their skills, full of willingness to learn, to discover, to grow, to get wider references.


These two assumptions give shape to area 02. Development of Human Capital: through the Portuguese educational offer, there is the will for training young people from the African continent, helping to create the right conditions to the development and growth of institutions and societies.

capital humano

Main goals


1. Human Capital Education


Bring together and offer a set of training possibilities that contribute to the growth and development of the African people.

2. Development Cooperation


Establish partnerships with Portuguese and African Educational Institutions, Companies and other Institutions, in order to meet the necessary conditions for the Education and Training of persons, namely young people, in the african continent's labor market.





Inclusion and Diversity

Training of Persons and Institutions




Portuguese Language Courses for Foreigners

Thematic Workshops

Business Training Courses

Online training offer

Formative offer in Portugal

Accommodation Support

Support in the preparation of visa documentation

Reception and Inclusion of Students in Portugal

Reception and Inclusion of Trainees in Portuguese Companies/Institutions

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